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Taking in account the importance of insurance services for our customers, we have expanded the list of insurance services. Except for the compulsory insurance for abroad trips, our customers have the possibility of vehicle insurance. 

Whatis«Green Card»?

This is the unified compulsory civil liability insurance, which is valid on the territory of “Green Card” Agreement countries.

The insurance companies, who provide the policies of the vehicle international insurance, are obliged to cover the damages, caused to vehicle, personal property or health and life of the persons who suffered in the accident.

The insurance terms are chosen by the insurer and are determined from 15 days to 1 year validity.

The cost of the “Green Card” certificate depends from:

  • • Country of visit

  • • Vehicle type

  • • Certificate validity

The required documents for certificate completion:

  • • Driver’s license or certificate of enterprise registration (foe legal entities)

  • • Vehicle Registration Certificate