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To earna lot of money is courage, to save them is wisdom,

and to spend ably is art.


B. Auerbach

Money - is not the main value of life, it is only a means to achieve our desires. But it is important how the money was earned, and what it was spent for. I’ve read many books about the achievements of various companies. And the foundation of any success is cohesive and focused team, because you can not be a leader without true team. For me as director it is important not only individual professional skills of each employee, but worthy professional level of my whole team.

In our company there is a friendly atmosphere, mutual assistance and support. We complement each other to be a single entity. The role of all staff is important in teamwork, and the higher its professional level is, the better for everyone, and above all - for you, our dear customers!

I am trying to create for your employees comfortable environment to work in which people would be able to develop, fully realize their creative and intellectual potential. So that communication with you was not only productive and useful, but also warm and pleasant. And I think I managed with that ...

I am proud of my team - managers, translators, linguists, editors, proofreaders, who are specialists with a high degree of professional responsibility.


Filonenko Larysa

Director of Translation agency "50 mov".