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You have got education abroad, but your documents are not recognized in Ukraine for further education or employment? The "50 mov” Translation Agency will help you to nostrify your educational documents without your personal attendance.

What is Nostrification?

Nostrification means procedure of recognition of documents concerning certain level of higher and postgraduate professional education issued by foreign universities for further education or employment in Ukraine. 

Procedure of Nostrification Consists of the Following Stages: 

- preparation of documents for Nostrification;

- apply to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine;

- expert analysis;

- preparation of expert opinion on the recognition of documents;

- issue of certificate outlining the decision on equivalence.. 

The following steps are necessary for Nostrification: 

- fill in an application for the recognition procedure;

- draw a power of attorney executed by a notary on one of the employees of our Translation Agency

- provide original educational documents (affixed with Apostille or legalized in accordance with the legal provisions of the country issuing the document);

- translate documents and notarize the translation with simultaneous attestation of notarial copies;

- provide copies of previous education certificates;

- provide a copy of the document certifying the identity of the owner (passport);

- confirm the legality of staying in the country of getting education (for foreigners they are permission to stay, visa, notes on border crossing);

- a copy of the document confirming the level of accreditation of the educational institution (certificate or license for the provision of educational services);

- provide an archival certificate from the institution where the education was obtained (if possible) and its notarial copy;

- ID code of the owner of the document;

- the persons who obtained an invitation for education from the higher educational; institution of Ukraine shall provide a copy of the said invitation. 

FOR YOUR ATTENTION! The level of acceptance of your documents on education depends on the decision of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine. We can not influence that decision, but we guarantee the correct legal preparation of your documents and submission to the appropriate authorities 


Deadline, working days

Price, UAH.


Regular Nostrification




Advanced Nostrification




Urgent Nostrification (not for all countries)








The package price includes:




Consultation on Nostrification




Receipt and analysis of documents




Submission of documents for nostrification




The state duty payment




Payment for the expert evaluation




Providing a copy of a receipt of acceptance of documents from the relevant body at the Ministry of Education of Ukraine




Continuous monitoring of completion of the report on equivalence of Education




Obtaining the document on confirmation of education and providing it to the client



Conditions of Ordering Nostrification:

- All services shall be 100% prepaid.

- An order shall be issued only at presence of the original educational documents. After the submission of the documents to the Nostrification Centre and their analysis the original documents shall be returned. This procedure takes about 2 weeks.

- We provide you with copies of all documents confirming the successful filing for nostrification with specifying the deadlines.

If you need assistance in the matter of Nostrification, contact the "50 mov” Translation Agency and you will have got a competent and legally correct document on equivalence.