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Certification of documents translation 

Translation agency "50 Mov" performs notarial translation for over 10 years. Long-term cooperation with notaries in Kyiv, as well as knowledge of all the nuances of a notarial translation enables us to provide customers the most efficient and quality service. 

Notarization of a document in Translation agency "50 Mov" - is not just necessity, but is also your confidence that the translation is made by certified experts. 

Documents prepared by our company meet all the necessary requirements: 

- Completeness and accuracy of translation;

- Identical to the original indication of numbers;

- Correct grammar and spelling writing;

- Using of appropriate terminology and style;

- Proper clearance. 

Together with notaries we provide: 

Notary certification

Cost, UAH

Certification of the translator's signature authenticity


Certification of translator's signature authenticity and a copy of the original document


Certification of photocopies authenticity


Support of notarial deed

As agreed

Affixing a seal of translation agency

included in the translation cost

In some cases, we can arrange notary attendance for legal action execution. 

In some cases Ukrainian documents notarized translation can be not enough for further use abroad. Depending on the requirements of the specific country, after notarization must affix Apostille on translation or make its full consular legalization. 

Regarding foreign documents, their notarization is possible only after affixing the Apostille or consular legalization - this provision is governed by legal agreements between Ukraine and certain country. You should affix Apostille or go through consular legalization in the country which issued the original document. 

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