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Translation of "50 mov" offers you a free test translation (up to 1860 printed characters), so you can make sure in competence and quality of our services.

Written translation

1 page

(1860 printing characters with spaces)

Ukrainian, Russian

50-80 UAH


70-120 UAH

Spanish, Italian, French, German

90-140 UAH

Italian, French (accredited translator)

150-185 UAH

Azerbaijanian, Belarusian, Latvian, Polish, Portuguese, Rumanian, Czech

130-200 UAH

Armenian, Greek, Modern Greek, Georgian, Estonian, Serbian, Turkish, Croatian

130-170 UAH

Bulgarian, Catalan, Danish, Hebrew, Hungarian,Latin, Lithuanian, Slovak, 


130-160 UAH

Arabic,Chinese, Dari, Dutch, Farsi, Finnish, Hindi, Icelandic, Japanese,

Kazakh, Korean, Macedonian, Norwegian, Swedish, Tadjic, 

Uzbek, Vietnamese

150-210 UAH

Urgent written translation

double fare

Translation accuracy check for further certification*

50 % of the translation cost

Interpretation ** (per one interpreter)

1 hour

All languages

250-700 UAH

Affixing a seal of translation agency

included in the translation cost

Notary certification (1 document)

100-120 UAH

* Machine automatic translation is not liable for proofreading. 

** Volume of interpreting services is calculated hourly.

Minimum order – 2 hours  

The translation measurement unit is a page (1860 printing characters, including spaces and punctuation marks). Calculation is made after the completion of translation.

We use a flexible tariff policy and provide discounts for regular customers and for new customers at the first ordering.

We try to estimate the cost of the project before the start of translation. Exact estimation can be given for the following file formats: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat (converted into Word). If the original document is available in printed form on paper, scanned images, audio or video media - translation agency managers guided by their experience will accurately determine the amount of provisional translation, which allows you to estimate the cost of translation on stage of approval.