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Written translation 

We translate almost everything from birth certificates to documents  with difficult terminology and structure. Regarding communications - anywhere, anything, from phone talks to high-level meetings. Our experience allows us to make a qualitative and intuitive text translation. 

Our agency’s translators base has a large number of certified professionals, and native speakers of foreign languages, living in Ukraine. Experts have linguistic education and experience in translations of any subject. 

We offer: 

• Translation of educational documents: diplomas, certificates and applications to them and so on.

• Translation of technical documentation: description of equipment, machinery, operating instructions, labels, and more.

• Translation of legal and financial documentation regulations, business plans, charters, certificates, incorporation documents, agreements, contracts, reports, extracts from court / trade and other registers, reports, audit reports, and more.

• Translation of commercial, business documents and personal correspondence: applications, powers of attorney, certificates, reports, agreements, contracts, and so on.

• Translation of personal documents: passports, certificates, reports, statements, and so on.

• Translation of medical documents: reports, statements, histories, guides to drugs / equipment, recipes and more.

• Translation of the web sites: content, localization, site support.

• Correcting and editing.

• Filling out application to the embassy. 

How do we determine the cost of translation? 

• The unit of measurement of translation is a page of A4 (1860 characters including spaces and punctuation). The input text is a basis for the previous approximate calculation of the amount of work and the final calculation carried out ready for translation.

• Minimum order of written translation - standard A4 page.

• For usual fare amount of translation is 5 standard pages per day, if it is a "indivisible" document.

• For urgent orders, the translation price increases in 1.5 - 2 times (depending on deadlines, the complexity of the text of the translation). 

Required information from the customer 

To ensure a high quality translation we need some information about the original text, which only you can provide:

• peculiarities of writing of proper names and organization names mentioned in the original text;

• transcript available in paper abbreviations that are not generally accepted;

• internal corporate terminology;

• reference materials that can help the translator to work on the translation;

• scope of activities in which translation is used, and the ultimate goal of using it;

• other features, which may depend on the quality and accuracy of translation. 

See also: the price of translation, certification

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