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The “50 mov” Translation Agency offers a full range of services for the legalization of documents. We work with notary and lawyer offices, which simplify and speed up greatly rendering of the service. 

Legalization of documents 

Legalization of documents means implementing a number of formal procedures for coming into force in another country. Legalization shall be performed in the country where the document was issued, the Ukrainian documents can only be legalized in Ukraine. 

Means of legalization: 

- affixing Apostille (simplified form);

- complete consular legalization with putting the necessary stamps in relevant authorities.. 

Choice of the form of legalization depends on the legal agreements in force between Ukraine and the country concerned. Thus, for the member countries of the Hague Convention availability of the stamp "Apostille" is sufficient, while for others countries complete consular legalization of documents is required. 

FOR YOUR ATTENTION! It is not necessary to proceed for legalization of documents intended for use in the member countries of the Minsk Convention (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine). Notarized translation of the document is sufficient for these countries. 

Stages of consular legalization of documents

  1. Municipal and Regional Administrations of Justice.

  2. Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

  3. Consulate of the country where the document shall be used.

Special Aspects of Consular Legislation:

- Transferring documents for legalization on behalf of the Customer requires the power of attorney executed by a notary on one of the employees of the Translation Agency. Otherwise, documents will not be accepted by the above mentioned bodies. If the owner of the document resides in a foreign country, the power of attorney can be drawn directly in the Consulate of Ukraine in this country.

- In case of legalization of diplomas, the legalization stamp shall be affixed to the notarized copiy of documents. The main requirement is to provide an archival certificate from the educational institution.

- If legalization is performed for the documents issued by the Bureau of Acts of Civil Status, it is necessary to provide a new model.

- Legalization entities requires a power of attorney and an accompanying letter printed on the company’s form and stamped with the seal and signed by the director

- Consular Department does not affix the stamp of legalization to the documents issued in foreign countries. Documents of this type shall be legalized at the consulate of Ukraine located in the country issuing the document.

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If you have to legalize your documents – please contact us, we are happy to do it for you!