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Accredited translation 

Translation agency "50 Mov" provides translation services of accredited and sworn translators with further legalization in embassy. 

Not all countries require accredited and sworn translation. On the territory of Ukraine accredited translation is required by the Embassy of Italy and the sworn – by the Embassy of the Czech Republic and France. This translation is necessary to ensure that your document, issued in Ukraine, is considered legitimate for the aforementioned countries. 

Who is accredited translator? 

Accredited translation is made by an expert at the embassy of that country. This specialist is called an accredited translator. 

Accredited translator at the embassy is a translator, authorized to represent one country to another, accredited at the embassy, has necessary knowledge and necessary certificate of education and meets all requirements of the embassy.

Accredited translator represents foreign embassy, so he must provide accurate translation services in accordance with all requirements and quality standards of the Embassy in Ukraine. 

The procedure for accredited translation: 

• affixing Apostille on the document;

• translation by an accredited translator;

• certification of documents  with a seal of Consulate of Italy. 

What is a sworn translator? 

Sworn translator (or as it is called court interpreter) - a person authorized by government authorities to commit official translations of legal documents. 

The procedure for sworn translation: 

• affixing Apostille on the document;

• translation by a sworn translator. 

When translating documents by a sworn translator you don't need further notary or embassy certification. To apply to the embassy or outside the country the seal of sworn translator will suffice. 

Translation of documents made by a sworn translator include: translation of documents in a foreign language, signature and stamp of certifying sworn translator for the correctness and accuracy of translation. 



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Cost, UAH.

Apostille in Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine



Apostille in Ministry of Justice of Ukraine



Apostille in Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine



Italian, French (accredited, sworn translator)



Dichiarazione di valore

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500+ consular fee

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