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Interpreting is probably the most difficult work. At first sight it seems that the work of interpreter is simple, but in fact everything is far otherwise. For proper interpretation you should not only possess the knowledge of a foreign language, but also have a great experience, knowledge of many areas of society and so on. The preparation for a specific work has a great importance, because every meeting, symposium or seminar is unique and extraordinary. 

How do we determine the cost of interpretation? 

• Volume of interpreting services is calculated hourly. Minimum order is 2 hours.

• When ordering interpreter attendance, departure and arrival date are considered as one additional business day. In this case, all transportation costs and living expenses, meals are paid by a client.

• The client pays for interpreter services from the moment of arrival to the company to the end of interpretation (including lunch breaks, coffee breaks, etc.).

• Request for interpretation shall be done in advance (at least 1 day). 

Required information from the customer 

The quality of the interpretation on the event depends on interpreter’s prior preparation, which requires previous provision with relevant materials (program, reports, theses, presentations, etc.). 

Our interpreters perform interpretation on: 

Business meetings, tours, receptions, presentations, seminars, exhibitions, court sessions, meeting at the airport and escort to the hotel and round tables. 

You can be sure of the correct behavior of our interpreters and their observance of business etiquette. 

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You can order interpretation on the phone or by clicking "Order of Services"!