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Successful practice of our specialists and consultants in the field of migration law concerning execution and registration of temporary and permanent residence permitin Kyiv and Kyiv Oblast allows taking into account all your wishes and objectives, providing you with professional and quality legal assistance at all stages of the process of legalization.

Temporary Residence Permit in Ukraine 

To help the foreign nationals feeling comfortable in Ukraine, in many cases it is necessary to obtain a residence permit. 

Temporary residence permit shall be issued by the State Migration Service in the manner prescribed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the duration of the work permit delivered by the Employment Centre or for the duration of an international technical assistance project or other work. Entry and departure of foreigners and stateless persons from Ukraine in such cases can be performed with a passport document and a temporary residence permit. 

Usually a temporary residence permit is issued for the period of 1 year and can be renewed.

Temporary residence permit is issued to foreigners and stateless persons arrived in Ukraine:



Object in coming




Work permit delivered by the relevant Employment Centre


Participation in the implementation of international technical assistance pr, duly registered

Appropriate application of a state institution, a company or an organization being a recipient of international technical assistance


Work in religious organizations in Ukraine

Invitation from the religious organization certified by Ministry of Culture of Ukraine


Work in branches, departments, offices or other structural units of public (non-governmental) institution of a foreign state



Work in a representative office of a foreign company

Invitation of such representative, certified by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine


Work in a branch or representative office of a foreign bank

invitation of such branch or representative offices, certified by the National Bank of Ukraine


In other cases provided by international treaties of Ukraine


Temporary residence permit can be issued as well forforeigners and stateless persons:

- Arrived in Ukraine for a family reunion with the citizens of Ukraine or if they concluded marriage to citizens of Ukraine during their legal stay in the territory of Ukraine;

- Arrived in Ukraine for a family reunion with foreigners on the territory of Ukraine on legal grounds

Necessary Documents for the Temporary Residence Permit in Ukraine: 

  1. Printed application of the foreign citizen with full biographical data (in Ukrainian).

  2. Application of the host side for issuing to a foreigner or a stateless person a temporary residence permit in the prescribed form and other documents in accordance with p. 5 hereof.

  3. Passport Document of a foreigner with a visa D and with appropriate special inscription on the visa label, unless otherwise provided by law and international treaties of Ukraine, and copies of passport pages carrying personal data and visa.

  4. Notarized translation of the foreigner’s passport.

  5. Document of title for housing where a foreigner or a stateless person has the right for residence permit, application of a foreigner or a stateless person on residence permit considered by the territorial division of the State Migration Service of Ukraine.

  6. Copy of an executive document on appointment of an employee responsible for receiving and processing the documents from foreigners or stateless persons asking for the right of residence in Ukraine

  7. Photocopy of passport of the representative of the host side certified with the signature of the owner.

  8. Notarized work permit.

  9. Four photographs of a foreigner or a stateless person 3.5 x 4.5 cm on matte paper. 

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Temporary Residence Permit(on the ground of work permit)



Procedure for obtaining the residence permit is rather long and complicated. It is very important to complete properly and accurately all necessary documents. The smallest errors and mistakes can lead to a substantial increase in waiting period of the permit or even cause an official refusal. If you have never performed this procedure either have doubts about a successful outcome, it is better to outsource its execution to an experienced specialist. Individual approach and detailed analysis of each case, our highly qualified staff and years of experience will guarantee our customers a successful solution to the issue of obtaining the temporary residence permit.