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Successful practice of our specialists and consultants in the field of migration law concerning execution and registration of temporary and permanent residence permitin Kyiv and Kyiv Oblast allows taking into account all your wishes and objectives, providing you with professional and quality legal assistance at all stages of the process of legalization.

Permanent residence permit in Ukraine 

Foreigners and stateless persons arriving in Ukraine (or remaining in Ukraine) for their permanent residence shall be allowed to immigrate under the Law of Ukraine. Note that an immigration permit shall be given within the immigration quota. 

The immigration quota is established by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine according to the following categories of immigrants: 

  1. Scientists and cultural workers whose immigration meets the interests of Ukraine.

  2. Highly qualified specialists and workers, the urgent requirement of whom is notable for the economy of Ukraine.

  3. Persons who made foreign investment in the economy of Ukraine in foreign convertible currency amounting to not less than one hundred thousand dollars.

  4. Individuals being a brother or sister, a grandfather or grandmother, or a grandchild of citizens of Ukraine.

  5. Former citizens of Ukraine.

  6. Parents, husband (wife) of an immigrant and their minor children.

  7. Persons who lived for permanent in Ukraine within three years from the date of obtaining the refugee status or asylum in Ukraine, and their parents, husbands (wives) and minor children residing with them. 

Immigration permit out of the immigration quota is granted: 

  1. One spouse if another spouse with whom he/she has been married for over two years is a citizen of Ukraine, children and parents of citizens of Ukraine.

  2. Persons who are guardians or trustees of citizens of Ukraine, or under guardianship of citizens of Ukraine.

  3. Persons who are eligible for citizenship of Ukraine by territorial origin.

  4. Persons whose immigration is a matter of the state interest for Ukraine.

  5. Foreign Ukrainians, spouses of Foreign Ukrainians and their children if they enter and stay in Ukraine together. 

Necessary Documents for the Permanent Residence Permit in Ukraine:

  1. Printed application of the foreign citizen with full biographical data (in Ukrainian).

  2. Photocopy and translation of the national passport (or other document identifying the person) with valid Ukrainian visas and registration in the MIA.

  3. Photocopy of the passports of relatives accepting the foreign citizen certified with the signature of the owner.

  4. Notarized documents confirming close relationships with the citizens of Ukraine.

  5. Copies of police clearance documents in Ukraine.

  6. Certificate of Residence (Form - 3 from local building-utilities administrator offices ZhREO).

  7. Certificate of residence abroad (or departure sheet).

  8. Application for registration of residence, stamped by local building-utilities administrator offices, ZhREO.

  9. Eight photographs 3.5 x 4.5 cm on matte paper. 


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Permanent Residence Permit(if there are grounds)

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