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Our company will be happy to help you pass all the tests of the Ukrainian legal system; the most important is to give us a call right now! We are glad to offer and translate for you the following:

- consulting services relating to the stay of foreigners in the territory of Ukraine;

- preparation of an application for extension of stay of the invited person;

- submission of required documents to bodies of the migration service;

- obtaining immigration stamp confirming the extension of stay in Ukraine in the passport of foreigners.

Documents for Extension of Stay in Ukraine of Foreigners and Stateless Persons: 

  1. Application of host-individual on extending the stay of a foreigner or a stateless person in Ukraine (Appendix 1) with indicating the reasonable grounds for extension of stay, the application shall be filed by an individual.

  2. Application on extending the stay in Ukraine (Appendix 2), filed personally by a foreigner or a stateless person.

  3. Document of a foreigner or a stateless person and a copy pages carrying the personal data and visa (if applicable) and note of registration and/or a copy of the immigration card (if available).

  4. Translation in Ukrainian the pages of the passport of a foreigner carrying the personal data.

  5. Passport of host-individual (shall be returned after presentation) and its copy, signed by the owner.

  6. A document of title (certificate of the state registration of ownership) for housing attached to a foreigner or a stateless person for further stay, with a copy. If the housing does not belong to the host side, the application of the host-individual on extension of stay of a foreigner or a stateless person in Ukraine shall be agreed upon with the owner (owners) or authorized persons whose consent shall be confirmed in person or by submitting a certified statement in the prescribed manner. If the housing is in a state or municipal property, a certificate shall be issued by the housing authority instead of a document of title on all adult persons registered at the address, and their written consent for the stay of a foreigner or a stateless person at the mentioned address, it shall be confirmed by these persons in person or by submitting a certified statement.

  7. Eight photographs 3.5 x 4.5 cm of a foreigner or a stateless person. 

For foreigners and stateless persons who have received in the Embassy or Consulate of the their country the passport and applied for extension of stay within 15 days after receiving the new passport, the following shall be submitted in addition to the above mentioned documents: 

  1. Copy of application to the internal affairs bodies on the loss of passport.

  2. Certificate delivered by the Administration of the State Border Service on crossing the border, which is issued in answer of a relevant application of the foreigner (if the stay during the last entry was not extended). 

The host side shall inform on departure of the foreigner out of the territory of Ukraine or change their place of residence within 10 days from the date of departure and or move.. 

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Extension of temporary registration of foreigners and their families in Ukraine (for those who entered without a visa, or with a private or business visa)



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The “50 Mov” Translation Agency will do their best to make your stay in Ukraine not only comfortable, but also legal!